Below are some examples of customer testimonials:-

The tour is Sevilla was really a very very moment... We expected the same...
You know in french we say : la barre etait telllement haute !
This was the case!!!

We spoke on our tour in Sevilla to several friends, you'll perhaps meet them.
We have really appreciated these vacations, we expect to go back to Sevilla. Be sure that we'll call you... And ask dor another tour.

Many thanks and have a nice week end
Jean Francois Floch, Paris, France

Dear David,

I just want to tell you how much we enjoyed our tours with you and Eugenia. Eugenia gave us an excellent tour of the Alcazar Real and the Cathedral and managed to pull together the many strands of history that we had been exposed to during our 10 days in Andalucia. The three tours complemented each other (with the tapas tour being the highlight!).

We really enjoyed meeting you,

All the best,
Liz Charal, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so much for the fascinating walking tour that we joined last week at the start of our few days in Seville. We'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone visiting Seville, especially for the first time. It made all the difference to the rest of our stay and introduced us to the amazing history of such a beautiful city.
In particular, we greatly appreciated your suggestions for places to eat. All three that we visited were superb value and we had wonderful food.
We were also interested in the city's opera connections and realised that another famous composer, Donizetti, had also composed an opera that we'd recently seen. "Maria Padilla" is not performed as much his others and as you can imagine, it's a pretty dark tale of family honour, featuring King Pedro and his mistress !
Well, we're back to the grey skies of Manchester and miss that wonderful Spanish sunshine.
Thank you once again. We shall look forward to a return trip one day.
With best wishes
Angela and David Bostock
Manchester, England

Just a belated thank you for the very interesting walk around Seville last Wednesday, and the flamenco you got me tickets for was pretty good too.  In fact it was very good and sold out too.

Will give you a review on tripadvisor when and if I finally get home !  Am down in Conil for 3 days, was planned for nice meals out with my husband but his flight got cancelled twice and he won´t be coming out now.  I loved Seville and Jerez so will have to bring him back another time, perhaps May when the weather is more settled.

Imagine that Conil really rocks in high season, looks like a mini Ibiza Town.

Hope your presentation went well and see you again one year.

Kind regards

Corinne White, Oxford, England

Please let Luis know how happy we are to be here in his home town of Vejer despite the torrential rain. We are staying in LaBotica, sister Hotel to one in Sevilla and  friend of the Flamenco establishment you recommended! It is a small world after all.
We will recommend you to all our friends in Uk and NZ.
It was a pleasure to spend time with you and good luck.
Sally and Alan Barrett, Wellinton, New Zealand


We so enjoyed our walking tour that day. The two families ended up having lunch together and Ron and Ken (dad) have already met for lunch in DC! So you were the conduit for new friendships too.
I can't tell you how much just having you to talk through possibilities for travel and visit helped me. Everything you suggested was perfect and our two weeks in Seville etc. were just a trip of a lifetime. I will tell my son, who is still there till June, to recommend you to friends parents coming over and the program. It is Sweet Briar College JYS and their office is just across that main street from the university.
Thanks again for everything. I may bring my sister over for four or five days in the Spring (NOT during the two big weeks though!) and if so, I' will certainly email you in advance to set things up.
Cornelia Suskind, Washington DC, USA

Hello David and hello Luis,
we are back in Munich and just wanted to thank you once more for both the tapas tour and the walking tour through Sevilla last weekend. We enjoyed this very much and took home plenty of impressions (taste and vision ;-)) and definitely plan to come back. Your tours and the suggestions we were given are highly recommendable, we think.
Thank you and have a nice christmas holiday and a happy new year!
Katrin and Christopher Pommer, Munich, Germany


We had a wonderful time with Luis. He was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. We very much enjoyed the walking tour and learned a lot. He took us to every place we asked to see and then some. Very nice. We wish we had left more time to see more of Seville, we barely scratched the surface in the time we had but Luis did his best to show us the historical area. Oh well always good to have something to come back for!

And I also want to mention that we enjoyed the Flamenco show. It was very interesting and exciting....did not feel like we were in such a tourist trap but seeing good serious dancers. Thanks for the suggestion.

Pat Constance
Wyckoff, NJ, USA

Dear David,

I spoke with Mrs. Mitchell and, briefly, with Mrs. Allaway regarding their tour with Luis in Seville.  They were both very complimentary about how much they enjoyed the tour and the beautiful city of Seville. I appreciate all of the effort you both made to guarantee an excellent touring experience or these clients. Thank you providing such high customer service levels.

Warm regards,

Judy Bongiorno, CTC, MCC, DS
Bon Voyage Travel



Hi David,

Back home and effing freezing here! Just to say thanks to Luis for an excellent tour, everyone thought it/he was great. Thanks to you too for organising it all. I was mightily relieved you took charge at the restaurant - I hope not too stressful for you. The food was great as were the jokes!
Sunday morning was a bit of a struggle for us, some with worse heads than others, I'm sure you can guess who...
Anyway, it was great to meet you and Luis and best of luck with your business. I will heartily recommend you to anyone visiting Seville.

Liisa Beagley, The Britten-Pears Chamber Choir, Suffolk, England

This is just a brief thank you for your help when we asked you for directions last week and you ended up ringing Auditorio Alvarez Quintero to book us seats for their Flamenco performance. The venue was exactly what we wanted and your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Ron & Michele Clarance, England

Hello there:
Thanks for the email.  Our time was fantastic in Granada.  I have been wanting to email this but am so overwhelmed at work right now.  Both tours were amazing and so worth it. 
Robert does a really good job with the information while being personal and helping to really vision the area as it was.  He was also so patient with us in picture taking.  Gayle was a hoot to spend time with in Granada.  We all had a great time.  I am glad to hear that she had fun too...really a blast.  We would sure see hanging out with her in any other circumstance out of Granada.  The flamenco show was also so worth it in Seville...nice small area with a really entertaining performance.

Thanks so much...if ever there again...
Peter Bondy, Pines, Florida, USA

Hey A-Team Leader!!

We've said amongst ourselves that we never could have had such a great trip back in time if it hadn't been for you.  And we never would have discovered the greatest tapas bar if it hadn't been for you.  I will for sure recommend your services to anyone I come across headed to Spain!  (In fact, I tried to post comments on your web site, but am apparently too web challenged.)

The remainder of our time in Seville was great, but of course our trip to Constantina was the highlight.  Sam, Vaughn, Cindy and I are going to visit my father Saturday to share our pictures and experience with him.  I'm sure he will be vicariously thrilled.

I'll let you know when we plan our next trip to the land of the euro (or pound).  And in the mean time if you plan to cross the water let me know and we will try to meet up.

It was great meeting you.  Stay in touch.

Best regards,
Suzanne Johnson, Winnsboro SC, EEUU

Dear David:
A little note to thank you for your help and kindness in Seville.
We (your other clients and myself) enjoyed very much the flamenco show: it was an awsome presentation!
Thank you again and I will keep your info for next year? who knows,
Luz Castilla
Catholic Charities Legal Services Inc.
Miami, FL USA

Hello David
I just wanted to say thank you to you and Luis for our recent walking tour of Seville.
Luis took us on a fascinating tour of the city, covering the history and sights, which we would have missed on our own.
Tell him the Ipod music of Carmen was a success.
His tour exceeded our expectations - we learnt a lot about both Seville and Spain.

We did return for a second visit to Seville, and explored with confidence!

Thanks again.  I'll pass on your details to anyone I know who may visit Sevilla!

Teresa Brennan, Dubai

Hey David,

Great to hear from you.

It took us a bit of time to recover from those beers too, but we managed and got some tapas into us later in the evening. Had a great time in Seville and did think about e-mailing you after we left.

As we told you ,we have spend 4 mts traveling around Europe (only 1 week to go..yikes) and you were above and beyond the best tour guide experience we have had.  You are on to a good think and word of mouth will ensure your business explodes.  Keep doing what you are doing... Thanks again for a great time and I truely wish you the best.

Yvonne Kelleher, Dublin, Ireland

Dear David,
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for a splendid walking tour in Seville and for showing up at the milonga that night.  It was so much fun to meet you and spend a bit of time with you thereafter.  
Our tour was terrific, Morocco so very interesting/fascinating and the entire time spent in that region will provide many fond memories.
Good luck to you and may you have much success in your endeavors.

My best, 
Joan Moran, GAP tour, Canada

We really enjoyed our tour with Luis and meeting some of his family. I do intend to return to Andalucia next year (not in June, far too hot!) and will stay at the Alminar again. I will contact you then to arrange a tour.

Best wishes,
Daphne Passmore, Ireland

Although we considered taking our chances at the Plaza de Encarnation, and taking a bus if there were no taxis, we changed our mind and followed your advice. We had walked over to Plaza Nueva the night before and verified with the taxi drivers there that there were usually taxis there from about 6 a.m. onwards. So we headed over there but when we arrived at 6:30, there was not a taxi in sight. But we asked for assistance in the Hotel Inglaterra and a taxi arrived in less than 5 minutes. We got to the train station with plenty of time to spare. Thank you for your assistance.

We really enjoyed our tour and have posted a recommendation on the Guardian newspaper site www.ivebeenthere.co.uk where I first saw one. I will be thinking about where else to post one based on where I'd try to look if I were planning a trip.

I have no idea when we might return to Andalucia but will probably go onto your website to sign up for the newsletter anyway.

I hope the slow down in tourism this summer doesn't hurt you too much.

Thank you again for enriching our visit to Seville. Tell Luis we said thank you for such an excellent tour.

Terry St Quinton, Scarborough, England

Thank you for your excellent suggestions for our trip south of Sevilla..  We stayed one light at Casa del Califa in Vejer, and it was beautiful; we had a great dinner across the square there at Trafalgar Restaurant. We enjoyed the Roman ruins at Bolonia -- and the new museum there is very interesting.  Granada was very interesting also; we had a terrific walking tour there.  And of course the mosque/cathedral in Corboda was fascinating.

You are an excellent guide, and you made our stay in Sevilla so much more meaningful by your walking tour there.

If you plan to come to the US, we hope you will stop off in Washington DC.  We would be delighted to see you here, and to make recommendations for visiting other parts of the US.

Kindest regards,
Harvey Shulman and Eric Mugele, Washington DC, USA

Hi Luis...I have not had much access to internet until now, so sorry I´m just now responding.  We had a great time with you as well.  Definitely one of the highlights of our trip.  I will be sure to share your information with the rest of the group.  I know everyone really enjoyed getting to hang out with you and we love, love, loved Sevilla! We have 2 days left in Madrid and then we go back home.  Spain will certainly be missed and I look forward to coming back to Sevilla in the future.  Thanks for a wonderful introduction to Spain and for sharing your knowledge and your friendship with us.  Hope to see you again one day!

Julie Neis, Florida, USA

Hi David
Everything worked like clockwork on Friday, however we were a bit lost in that big coach! Thank you for your help in making our trip so enjoyable. The group never stopped talking about the fantastic tapas evening we had with you and I have posted a report on Trip Advisor but they have not told me that it has been accepted. I must write this again when I have time. Luis took us to a great place for lunch on the Thursday, near to our hotel - he ordered the food and left us to enjoy it. It was very good and excellent  value. 
Best regards
Terry Ruby, Pinner, Middx, UK

Hi David
Just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did with our press trip last week. It was amazing how you managed to manoeuvre the group around the city so deftly so that we were always in the right place at the right time! And as I said, what a relief to have a guide who knows not only what sort of material journalists are interested in, but also how to communicate that information in a meaningful and entertaining way. Next time I'm in Seville I'll definitely sign up for the walking tour - now that my feet are gloriously blister free.
Annie Bennett
Freelance travel Journalist
With the National Gallery press visit

Hi David

Thanks for a nice day. I'd certainly recommend reallydiscover to friends going to your part of the world. We tried that pulpo place you recommended and it was great. Who knows, we may be back one day and try one of your other tours.

The rest of the trip was good and we had a great time in Sanlucar and around there.
Frank McEwen

Hi David,

Mihir and I really enjoyed our day in Seville with Luis.  The weather, though quite dismal in the morning, cleared up later on and made everything very pleasant for us.  The grand monuments that we visited were made even more interesting due to all the history and light that Luis shed on them.  Thank you very much for arranging it and profuse thanks to Luis for a day beautifully spent.
Sheema Bhattacharya
Scarsdale, USA

Just wanted to say thanks again for great Tapas night and walking tour last
weekend. It truly added a great dimension to my stay. I'm already thinking
about when I can go back! I hope our paths cross again someday.

Warm regards,

Lara Fields, USA


Thank you for the great bike tour today. And thank you for recommending Casa Carmen. I ended up going solo and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

I'm off to Barcelona tomorrow where I hope to do another superb city bike tour. Wish me luck finding someone.

All the best,
Gilles Bonenfant, Quebec, Canada

We enjoyed your tour very much and I know the rest of the group that had been before preferred your tour than the last one a few years ago as you were more informative and gave more personal knowledge.

Thank you for the recommendation of the hotel with the roof terrace over looking the cathedral, we went there in the evening and its was so peaceful.

I will most definitely recommend you to anyone going to Seville.

Kind Regards

Graham Stevens
Hotel Group Assistant Manager
Rookery and Hazlitt's Hotels

Hi David,

Our trip to Spain already seems so long ago -- it's always like that, isn't it?

Attached (if I did this right) are two pictures which include Luis; I thought you might enjoy them. We had a wonderful day with him, and with Robert as well. Having a personable, knowledgeable guide makes all the difference.

Best regards,
Carol Oppengheim, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Dear David,

My colleagues enjoyed very much the “tapas evening”.  They were late to bed, indeed, but it was not a big problem, they began their meeting a little bit later the second day.  In any case, I heard very enthusiastic comments and I thank you and Luis for this evening.

Kind regards,

Elisabeth Beague, Celgene bvba/sprl, Braine-L'Alleud, Belgium

Hola David,

Judith and I returned to Murcia on Sunday.  Following Seville several of the family went to Madrid for two days.  The rest flew back to the states.  We had a wonderful family vacation in Spain.  Everyone was especially pleased with your tour.  We did forget to discuss the Plaza Espana but it didn´t matter as it was raining quite hard by then so we decided to pass.

Hope all is well.  Feliz Años! 
Paul y Judith, Murcia, Spain, and USA

Would like to say how much we enjoyed the Really Discover experience in both Granada and Seville. I think it's a brilliant concept and as I travel quite a lot on my own it is a boon. I am from the generation where it feels slightly uncomfortable going out on my own in the evening - not so much when travelling with a group of friends - but the opportunity to join a SMALL group is a God send. There was plenty of factual information for those of us who were interested and it was a pleasant stroll around the city for those who weren't too bothered. We enjoyed the flamenco show at Casa Carmen - again it didn't feel as if we were on a production line as the audience wasn't large and all the artistes were excellent. It is very powerful in a small space - the guitar and the singer as much as the dancers.

We also had our last lunch at the Taberna which Luis recommended and thought it was absolutely brilliant. The setting, the service and the food were of the highest quality and all for 12 euros - it has to be one of the best bargains in Seville. We wouldn't have found that without Really Discover's help. A lovely city, I am planning a return visit as there is still so much to explore - I can do it in stages - as well of course as the shops and the sunshine.

I think your concept is excellent. Previously I have always toted several Guidebooks around (heavy) worrying that I might miss something - this is so much more relaxing. I like a general overview of a city and visiting places off the obvious tourist trail with an informative guide, then I can home in on those places that particularly interest me.

Today Spain - tomorrow Europe! I tend to do two or three European citybreaks a year now that budget airlines have opened up airtravel to us masses. I just wish there was a branch of Really Discover in all major European cities.

I did write a review of our trip and attempt to put it on Tripadvisor but it seems to have vanished into the ether. I'll try again, and many thanks.

Debbie Lane, Gloucester, England

We've had a wonderful few days here in Granada and overall have thoroughly enjoyed our week in Spain. Thanks so much for the great tour of Seville. We put in a good word for you at the hotel and they wanted to keep your card so I left it with them and only wrote down your email address. Hope you get additional work from them.
Pat Trottier and Gwyn Morgan, Vancour Island, Canada

HI Luis,

This is Steve Fong, my wife is Pat.  We and our friend Pamela had you guide us, while we were in Seville 2 weeks ago.  We had a very good time in Spain and enjoyed our time with you.  Your suggestions for the Flamenco and restaurants were very good.  Hope you enjoy this attached picture.  Thanks again for helping to make our trip to Spain memorable.

Steve and Pat Fong    

Hi David,

Just got back to work today in central London....dosen't compare to Seville in any way!! Just wanted to thank you so much for your recommendations that were all superb. The Flamenco night left us all stunned and I'm sure we will be talking about it and our visit to Seville for years to come thanks mainly to the advice and guidance you gave us.

Thanks and regards,
Norman Cleary, London, England

my tour with Luis was wonderful. We were joined by a very nice couple from the UK and had a delightful morning. I completely fell in love with Andalucia and hope to visit again. I will also be sharing your company with friends who will be visiting Sevilla.

Cathy Bien, USA

David we had a really good time and Louis was a fantastic guide.  Please thank him for all his help – the advice about tapas bars etc was really useful and we loved his favourite restaurant.  When I get a chance I will put a review of the hotel on Trip adviser and mention how good your tour was.

Best wishes

Ros Boyne, Kings Norton, UK

Marion did an excellent job on your behalf.  We found it very useful to be in a small group and able to ask questions in an informal atmosphere. Marion also gave us some helpful tips on where to go for a flamenco show( full of passion; brilliant) and tapas,etc.

Unfortunately we were only in Seville for two days, but it has whetted our appetites for a return visit one day.

I see that you are expanding to Granada.  How does Granada compare to Seville?  We found Seville so friendly, relaxed and clean.  Probably a silly question, but would you recommend it for a city break?

We would certainly recommend Really Discover if we hear of any one going to Andalucia.

David Fiske, Watford, England

Dear David

I was in Sevilla June 3. where you showed me some Tapas places.
That was great!

Now I'm back at home in Finland and it's 10 degree celsius, raining and in refrigerator there is only some cheese with mold.
Home sweet home :)

I just want to thank you for a nice evening you provided.
I wrote few nice words of you and your company to my blog http://www.eeki.biz/blogi/?p=83.
In finnish yeah...but free promotion is good promotion :)

Erkka Mattila, Finland

I had a great time in Seville & the tour with Luis was excellent.  I felt that I got a real flavour & knowledge of the city, & saw & learnt things that I wouldn’t have other wise.  It was so personal as there were only 3 of us on the tour, which is much better than the large tour groups you see around cities.   Luis also recommended a fantastic tapas bar to eat in which turned out to be the best meal & most authentic Seville experience I had whilst I was there.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that travels to the cities you cover.  I have also recommended you to a friend who works as a travel agent & so can further recommend your tours.

With kind regards,

Louise Scolar, Chicago, USA.

Hi David,

I am back to Jakarta Indonesia today, having flown back from Madrid to Singapore
on sunday. Its a pity we left last saturday before the Euro 08 finals. We could have
been there when the whole of Spain went wild after the win. Did I tell you that in the
2006 World Cup final rounds, Sharon and I were in Rome and Italy went on to win
the Cup. So we thought that as we were in Madrid and not in Hamburg where my brother
is that Spain would win. They definitely deserved to win.

Just want to express our thanks again for the wonderful evening we had with you in
Seville. Thank you too for getting the tickets to the flamenco show. We really had a
very enjoyable time in all the places we visited.

Thank you again and would definitely refer you to any of our friends who might be
thinking of visiting Sevilla.

Best regards,
Clem Escano, Jakarta Indonesia

Hi David

It is all very positive stuff.  He enjoyed what he looked at, he enjoyed who was looking after him, the hotel gave a stunning performance and the General Manager Carlo Suffredini who I am sure is known to you,and his staff really impressed,

I am certain thsi could lead to future business so I will keep in touch.

Kind regards

CMC Marketing
Old Windsor
United Kingdom

Muy Buenas David!!! I so truly enjoyed meeting you & Marion and must tell you the tour was phenomenal. Great knowledge, exemplary demeanor of professionalism and authentic passion for Seville. The best memory for me is seeing that YOUR dream has really come true. You are making a living in Spain and you truly know how to enjoy life. I will send you as many clients as possible from the North East Region of the USA. Really Discover is just too special and I wish for you and the team a lifetime of good health, prosperity and happiness. I have registered to receive your quarterly newsletter, thank you.

I was telling my family about the Mercado in Triana and the best conversation, tapas, etc. at Las Golondrinas. What a day!!! I could have stayed chatting all afternoon. My travels continued well through El Rocio, Cordoba, Jerez, Toledo, Consuegra and Barcelona. I did all the research, booking and touring on my own and loved it.

It will be my pleasure to book another tour next year. It’s already on my calendar.

Best regards,

Nuria Alvarez Vargas, Lyndhurst, NJ, USA

Ole, Con Ole y Ole. P.S. If you ever need a dedicated, committed and trustworthy assistant with a passion for Spain, please let me know.



Barry and I very much enjoyed the tours that we took with your company. We also appreciated the recommendations that we received and will definitely recommend your company to anyone that we know who will be travelling to Seville.

Thanks again!

Brian Komonko, Ontario, Canada

Cathy and I want you to know what a great guide Louis was. So informative.....so informal....such a great guy! Our tour really set the stage for some further self exploration the following couple of days. Spain is a wonderful country. We loved Madrid a lot but I think Seville will always hold a special remembrance for us. Thanks in part to you and Louis. We will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone! You may certainly print that!

Thanks again.........and give our best to Louis.

Fred & Cathy Jestand, San Diego, USA

Hi David,

John and I would like to thank you once again for the fascinating tour of Seville that you took us on and all the valuable advice you gave to us on making the most of our visit to this beautiful city.

The Flamenco you booked for us was incredible and definately an unforgettable experience. We got there early as you advised and had front row seats! And we enjoyed the food and atmosphere so much at La Taberna Del Alabard that we ate there twice!

We loved Andalucia so much we are planning a visit to Granada when it cools off a bit and we will be in touch with you again to book another of your interesting tours.

In the meantime, good luck with eveything.

Best wishes,
Carolyn and John Cambell, Stevenage, Herts

04.05.08 G'Day David,

After spending some time in Menorca and later-on in Switzerland, we have now returned to Melbourne where summer has definitely ended. We like to thank you for the excellent guided Tours you have arranged for us while we did visit Granada and Seville. Please pass-on our thanks and best wishes to your team in Granada who made our visit to that beautiful and historical City so interesting.
It was also good to meet yourself in Seville after all the correspondence we had prior our journey to Spain.
We also like to thank Luis for his efforts to show us around Seville and it's unique historical sites. His very strong knowledge in history and his ability to explain it to us was impressive.
We will certainly recommend your company to friends who intend to travel to Spain.

Thank you David - we may meet again some time time.

Best regards

Fred & Monica Hofmann
Almo Trading Pty Ltd
Beaumaris VIC 3193

Hi David
Hope you have enjoyed/are still enjoying your trip back to UK.
My friend Ann Edwards and I, came to Seville on Friday last week and you very kindly organised us (via Ann) two of your tours and a Flamenco evening.
Just wanted to say what a fabulous time we had, but needless to say, not enough time to do everything so will just have to come back!

Please pass on our thanks to Luis, he was a terrific guide, very knowledgeable and most helpful. He obviously loves his job!
He recommended - and booked us into - a great restaurant and we thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Please find attached photo of us all that we promised we would send.
And we trust he enjoyed his 40th birthday!

Once again, many thanks and our best wishes to both you and Luis.

Kind regards

Sue Catch, Cheam, Surrey, England

Dear David

I am just sending a quick email to say how much my friends and I enjoyed our tours with Luis. He was very knowledgeable and interesting, please pass on our thanks to him.

Hope you had a good weekend in the uk

Ann Edwards, Cheam, Surrey, England

Hello David

Myself and my daughter Helen took 2 tours with you and Luis when we visited
Seville in November. You recommended a tapas bar called Boreas which was
fantastic. We have some friends who are visiting shortly and would really
enjoy the food there. Would you be able to do us a big favour and give the
name of the street that this bar is on?

We have, of course, also recommended your tours as an absolute 'must do' when
in Seville.

I know you are very busy out and about so I will not be offended if you do
not have time to reply, it is a bit of a stab in the dark!

Best regards to you and Luis,

Catherine Wright, England

Hi David,
Judy, Philip,Tommy and I really enjoyed your tour.....knowledge, humour and enthusiasm. The Flamenco recommendation was excellent.
Your contact in Madrid would be appreciated.
Best wishes,
David Champion, Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia

We all enjoyed your tour - your local knowledge provided a good introduction to the rest of our short stay in Seville. It was a shock to come back to more snow!
Regards, Laura Roinson, Essex, England

Hi Jeff & David, apologies this has taken so long to write and that we have been back home a couple of weeks but work has been so busy!

However, on behalf of everyone at Tungsten Graphics and in particular from myself and Carrie, we would like to thank you both very much for providing us with a very enjoyable and perfectly planned corporate retreat. The task of bringing together our expanding company to one location on an annual basis can be quite daunting with the organisation of flights, hotels and group activities and we definitely believe that using the services of Sevilla5 contributed to the success of the week.

The hotel accommodation, services provided and the excellent location were perfect for our needs as a technology company and many thanks to Jeff for working through all the changes and amendments to our requirements in the planning stages. Being within walking distance to the city sights, dining and activities was a real benefit especially with such a large number of people to cater for. The hotel staff were also very helpful and were happy to make room changes for our staff and deal with other requests.

The group activity was great! We all loved the bike ride through the city and our picnic and many thanks for accommodating my two children who really enjoyed the day. The Bodega was an interesting visit and your choice of venue for the evening meal was very good.

We would happily recommend your company and services to any individual travellers and more especially for group visits to Seville. It was a pleasure to work with you and to meet you during our stay.

Many thanks again and best regards,
Alison Hourihane, Tungsten Graphics Inc, Cedar Pk, Texas, USA

hello David

thank you so much for recommending the Casa Carmen and for getting the tickets. thanks also for the restaurant recommendations and for booking them for us. the food was fab and both the music and dancing at casa carmen was excellent, we really enjoyed our selves. your tour was also very informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

both C and i feel we will return to Seville at some point in the future as we were so impressed with the city, it is really beautiful.

it was so lovely to meet you, thanks again for all the arranging you did

best wishes

Sue Byant, London, England


We're back in the U.S. now and I want to thank you for the wonderful 2 days we spent with Luis last month in Seville and Cordova. I know we made the right decision working with both of you.
I'm attaching a writeup I submitted to Travel Advisor and hope they publish it and that it helps build your business. You deserve it.
Thanks again
Ruth & Art Schultz

Prior to our going to Seville and Cordova my wife and I wanted either a small group tour or a private tour of the 2 cities as we had limited time to spend there.
In searching on line we discovered Discover Tours (http://www.reallydiscover.com/) and contacted them from Atlanta. The owner David responded within an hour and we put together a small group tour for Monday morning Oct 15 and another for Monday afternoon in Seville and a private tour for Tuesday in Cordova.
I need to say he was extremely easy to work with and met us exactely where he said right on time. David is a Brit so he speaks perfect English and understands us Americans well. He had his partner Luis, who also speaks wonderful English but is from Spain, conduct the actual tours and they were great. We visited the highlights in the morning with great explanations and on Monday afternoon we went to the monuments including the 3rd largest church in the world (after the Vatican & Westminster Abbey). On Tuesday he gave us a great private tour in Cordova for the entire day. WOW is the best way to describe the experience with this company. Their rates were right on for the time spent with us.
Ruth & Art Schultz
Atlanta, Georgia

Hello David

Now back in the UK after a great trip to Spain. Our weekend with friends in Seville was a great success - everyone was very pleased that I had made contact with you and Luis was excellent. Many thanks to you both for helping to give us such a good time.
We never did get to a flamenco evening so may have to come back another time !

Kind regards
Anne Thurgood, Burnham-on-Crouch, England

Hi David,

We are still boring our friends with what a great time we had in Saville so thanks again for making it so. Our flight arrived 20 mins early so good return journey. Hope you and Luis are good. Stay as happy as you were when we last saw you
Andy Morris, St Albans, Herts

We had a very enjoyable day; Luis was an excellent guide and also showed us a terrific place for lunch. (We actually went back again a couple of days later.) He also gave us some recommendations for dinner but when we decided to go and find one of them, we got hopelessly lost (surprise, surprise.)

I have some friends who may be coming out your way in the next few months. If they do, I will definitely suggest they get in touch and if I do get to Granada, I will let you know.


Liz Williams, Cochester, England

thank you so much, David. We had a wonderful time in Seville and really enjoyed our tapas tour with you, great way to get to know the people and area a bit. We definitly highly recommend it to others. Thanks again. Clyde and Lynda Murphree, Carribean

Hi David

Happy new year - at last we have posted our comments on - Trip Advisor
website as copied below. Thank you again for value adding to our trip.
Please give our very best wihes to Lious and Roccio

Colin and Elizabeth

On our recent trip to Spain ( November 2007) we went on walking tours in
each of our destinations. Some were arranged through the local Tourist
Information Centres on arrival and in Seville and Granada we stumbled upon
Really Discover.

All were very good however we particularly enjoyed our experience through
Really Discover who were excellent. In Seville our tour guide was Lious and
in Granada Rocio. Both warm and friendly, had a very comprehensive subject
knowledge, and were most generous with their time.

We highly recommend this company (David Cox in the office) and their guides
to fellow travellers. Their email address is -


Elizabeth and Colin Waddell
Melbourne Australia


We've just returned from our trip, and I'm in the throes of catching up with life, but I wanted to give some feedback on our tour with Rocio in Granada on 12/23. I think your "gut feeling" on questionnaires is right on, so here I go with my free text.... :)
-I felt that our correspondence prior to the tour was clear and good, and I had no doubts about time, place, etc. to meet up.
-Rocio is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and led an informative, interesting tour. She was glad to stop and extra moment and expound upon something, clarify, share a personal story, etc. This is easier to do with just two people, of course, but I feel she would have done the same in a bigger group. Her friendly personality encourages questions and dialogue. She even stayed with us after the tour officially ended, going out to tapas and sharing with us about her life there. This was clearly above and beyond, and really enriched our time there.
The only *tiny* suggestion I would give is: It might be wise to scope out a possible "sit down" spot at some point in the tour -- maybe half to 3/4 of the way through it. Erik and I are young and in fine shape so this was no problem, I'm just thinking of someone who can scale the hills and stairs, but might like to sit down for a moment during that 2.5-3 hour time period. Just an idea.

Overall, we throughouly enjoyed our experience and recommend Rocio highly to future visitors. Thanks, and Happy New Year.
Kelly Woolfolk, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Hi David,

Thanks so much for everything, the trips were all wonderful. You really made the best out of the little time we had in each place.

Tessa McLean, Chicago, USA

Thanks again for a wonderful tour. We've recommended it (and Seville) to anyone who will listen :-) Best of luck with the business in 2008.

cheers, Paul Bird, London, England

Hi David, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed both you and your tour. We will sing your praises and your tour will always be a highlight of our trip.

We had the best time at the Flamenco show. Wow, it was amazing and we had terrific seats!

Have a really happy and prosperous New Year!

Char and the Smith family, Irvine, Calfornia, USA

Hi David

We had a great time in Sevilla, and thoroughly enjoyed both Luis' walking tour and the flamenco performance.
Thanks for everything, and if I know of someone going to sevilla or granada, will let them know about your company.
Good luck and best regards,
Karen Ruderman, Brookline, Mass, USA

Hi David:

We enjoyed our trip to Seville and will be returning to Spain again.
The tour of monuments conducted by your company was one of the
highlights. It was educational and much fun. You can be sure on our
return to Seville or to any other location where your company operates,
we will contact you. Stan Schair, New York, USA

Hi David The tour was just as I hoped and guide excellent I hope we will do the same in granada maybe next year Cheers Lib
Lib Cook, Leamington Spa, England

Hi David-
Thank you again for your informative tour of Seville, you and Luis made our trip a fun and personalized visit. Liz and I enjoyed our trip. Having visited Lisbon, Barcelona as well as Seville, we both thought that Seville was the city we enjoyed the most. The buildings, scenery and the people all made Seville a great place to visit. If we are able to return to Spain we would like to visit Granada as we have heard that is also a very nice city to visit.
Please tell Luis that we both said hello and let him know that we had a great visit. Continued success in your business.
Happy Holidays to Luis and you!
Liz and Mike Pilibosian, Rochester, Michigan, USA

Hi David,
just a quick mail to say thank you for a great tour, we really enjoyed it, and we survived the weekend!
kind regards
Claire Major, Nunhead, London, England

To the person at Sepharad in Cordoba, To David and Luis in Sevilla,

Thank you for your good suggestions. Beth and I enjoyed our visit. Luis was a very good guide (David, Please forward this email to him.) We also saw the Flamenco.

Lenny & Beth Kashner, Seattle, WA, USA
Please view (and if you want, you may use) our photos.

Dear David

Thank you so much for all your help and advice on our trip to Seville. The tours we took with both yourself and Luis were so enjoyable and informative and the flamenco night was a great success.

On our last night we took your advice and went to Boreas for dinner. We obviously arrived at the right time as we had no problem getting a table but within minutes the place was packed. We loved the atmosphere and the food was very tasty. It was unusual in the fact that it was all presented in a very modern way. A lovely meal to end our trip.

We would be happy to recommend your company to anyone we know who will also be visiting Seville, and are hopeful ourselves of travelling to Granada in the future.

You may be interested to know that our trip back to the airport went without a hitch, the cab driver was very pleasant!

It was a pleasure to meet you and hope you can bin those crutches soon.
Catherine and Helen Wright, Yorkshire, England

Hi David,

Thanks again for the efforts in Sevilla and in particular Luis' encouragement with the Spanish. It was a highlight of the trip and hopefully we can get to see you again some time.
Neil Palmer, Westbourne Park, Western Australia

David and Luis,
We wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time we had in Sevilla and Cordoba. We really appreciate the specialized service you offered from the emails we exchanged in advance of our trip, to meeting us at the hotel the first night for a personal greeting, designing a personalized trip to Cordoba around our schedule and our needs, and helping us with our restaurant selections and reservations. Your services certainly distinguish you from other tour guides. Luis' knowledge and passion for the cities we visited was evident and we enjoyed our time with him.

We would be happy to write a "testimonial" for your web site if you would like one and we will all continue to refer you to any friends we may have planning a visit to Spain.
Sandra Veeder, Dallas, Texas, USA


I just want to thank you and Luis for all your help and kindness during our trip.
The walking tour was fantastic and really added to our experience of Sevilla.

Many thanks again and hope your ankle is well on the mend.

Katie and Lorraine, Dublin, Ireland

hi david,

it is on me to thank you for a perfect service; i will certainly come back to you again, probably next spring.
i would enjoy to stay in touch, and no problem in getting on your address list for a regular update.

kind regards
wolfgang Dombrowski, Willich, Germany

I wanted to thank both you and Luis for your introduction to Seville - it was a great time, and i felt Luis gave us a great intro to the city - without your help, we would have been 11 dotty women running in circles, and would have missed much of what makes Seville so special.

I hope your surgery went well and that you're back on your feet! It was really a pleasure to meet both of you - your obvious enthusiasm and attention to the guests was notable and greatly appreciated. I plan to contact you about a spring trip I'm putting together - please keep me abreast of changes you are making vis a vis additional cities you are adding tours to.hi to luis...

Kim Plosa, Rhode Island, USA

Hi David

We took your tour of Seville last Friday with Luis, and I just wanted to let you know how much we really enjoyed it. We would not have appreciated what we were looking at without Luis's knowledge and he really made the whole tour very interesting.We will definitely return to Seville as it is a very beautiful city.Many Thanks

Noreen & Gabriel Maguire, Dublin, Ireland

Dear David, thanks for your help, great tour and valuable advice. Actually, calling you was one of my best decisions made during the trip. It is not easy to plan a journey by means of just Internet, and some mistakes I did make. But Seville was much easier to capture at least partially? due to your and Luis' help. Flamenco was truelly brilliant. I cried. Dima was touched too. I had not even expected it. We also went to the Arab bath Luis showed. It was a nice relaxation on a hard tourist day. We managed to eat at almost all places you marked for us on the map. Great!

Hope, we will keep in touch. If you ever come to St.Petersburg, we will be happy to meet again and try and show you something of our nothern urban beauty.
Say hello to Luis.

Maria Zakharenko, St.Petersburg, Russia

Hello David,

We have enjoyed the tour very much. Also both the suggested restaurant and the Flamingo show were great !
Thanks for that.

Best Regards, and succes in further business,
Evert Smit, AJ Volendam, The Netherlands.

Hello David!

My mum asked me to thank you very much - Luis was brilliant!

And she also said that you could show us around in Sevilla if we could
come there.

I have had this idea to sell packages to Spain for a long time. But we
have a partner only in Catalonia. It would be just great if you could
arrange our hotels, tours etc.
So I´ll be waiting for my mum to come back and then we will start
planning next year.

Take care!

Aaria Reisid, Travel Agent, Estonia

we really enjoy that tour. luis was very nice, knowledgeable, just fun. thanks again.marina
Marina Simonovsky, Forest Hills, New York, USA

Luis and David

Just a brief note of grateful appreciation for all your assistance both
prior and during our recent stay in Seville. The tour Julie and I
accompanied Luis on was excellent. He managed to make it interesting,
informative and fun all at the same time! A definite highlight of our
holiday and worthy of recommending to other visitors. (See the following
link - 

Thanks again gentlemen and best of luck with your venture in Granada.

Kind regards, Mark Lawrence, Leeds, UK


Just wanted to thank you for a fun, informative, and easygoing tour through Sevilla. We had a great time in that city. We did go back to some of the places we visited with you, and also went to the Plaza de Espana while we were making the outside loop. We went to a flamenco dance that night also. FYI for your future recommendations, we did find and were prepared to enjoy your suggestion for Casablanca, but found it was one of those establishments closed until the beginning of September. So I wouldn't suggest it for your other summer tour folks!

I did recommend your tour on a "tip" for Sevilla on the TripAdvisor web site, so now you're in trouble. Seriously, good luck with your expanding business and enjoy life.

All the best,
Audrey (and Caleb)
Cranberry Township

Thanks for the great intro to Seville - we have some great memories and really enjoyed our few days as a result.

Billie-Ann (& Scott)


I really enjoyed your tour on Sunday followed by lunch with the
ladies from London. That night I went to a Flamenco performance at
the red-door place you suggested. It was a wonderful show and I had
a nice chat with some travelers from California.

I also took your advice and took the train between Algeciras and
Ronda. I LOVED Ronda! The old city walls were fun to explore and
the views were breathtaking.

Since then I have traveled to Madrid and now I am in Milan. So far I
have not found a walking tour as great as the one you gave. (I am
keeping my fingers crossed that I will find a nice one in Athens!)

Jocelyn McCormack, USA

David and Luis,
Thank you so much for assisting us in Seville.
Luis your tour was the best I ever had and your expert knowledge on the history of Columbus was greatly appreciated. My husband and I did find the ceramic area, dined at the Rio Grande and enjoyed the other restaurant suggestions.
Patricia Woods, Rhode Island, USA

Dear David,

We had the pleasure of visiting Seville on 4,5 and 6 June 2007 and were really delighted with the walking tour of Seville by Claire and the visit to the monuments by Luis. We’d would like to say thank you to you all for making our stay memorable. Our 4 year old daughter Ameera sends a big hug to Claire for keeping her entertained whilst Mum and Dad visited the Arab baths.


Yusuf and Yasmin, Saudi Arabia

Dear David:

I spoke to the clients yesterday...they are actually personal friends of mine.
They absolutely RAVED about you, the tour, Luis and the company. can't get much better than that!

Thank you so much for taking such good care of them...you were delightful to work with.

Kind regards,
Patti Slavin
Prestige Villas Ltd

Hello David and Claire. We had a delightful time in Sevilla and Claire was a wonderful excursion guide. Your style of "tour" is much preferred to the "cattle herd" run by some companies and which we have experienced on cruises. As you know, we left on Tuesday. We stopped in the Triana neighborhood to look at ceramics, as you recommended. Amazing how you can put 12 shops in a 2 block area. Found some good stuff. We are now home in Olympia, WA. Good luck and good fortune.JOE LYNCH, Olympoia, WA, USA

David, once again I just had to say how much we enjoyed meeting you, Luis and Claire. We had a fabulous few days in Seville and no doubt you all enhanced it mightily After the tour we spent much time looking people's doors to see their patios! And finding more and more Tapas bars!
Thank you. We were shown Seville, not by a tour but, by friends.
Brian and Carol Morrison, Ayr, Scotland

Thanks for arranging the great tours. They were the highlight of our visit to Seville. Best regards,
Meg Griffiths, Virginia Water, England

We had an excellent time with Claire on the day trip. She is a real asset and we thoroughly enjoyable tour. The personal touch - especially the meeting over tapas and Cruzcampo - is clearly the way to go.

We've been telling our friends and they agree that your approach is right on.

We wish you success, but we have little doubt that Really Discover will really succeed.
Bill & Ruth DeRisi, San Diego, USA

Hi David, Just wanted to say thank you and good luck with your business. I enjoyed our evenings in Seville. Had a great week in Albanuelas, (about 40 mins south of Granada). Only made it to Granada for two hours, (most of which I spent shopping!), so will have to return to see the sights. We spent our days walking, horse riding and eating a lot in the Lecrin Valley area. Really enjoyed it. Its back to the wind and rain here in Ireland. I heard about Seville winning football last night, on this morning news so I'm sure its a happy place right now. I will certainly pass on you details to anyone heading to Seville. Thanks again, Take Care Marian Healy, County Offaly, Ireland

We really enjoyed our tour with Luis. He is very knowledgeable about Sevilla and he also has a fun sense of humor. I recommended your company to our travel agency, Aston Loyd Travel. I think that their other clients would enjoy working with you all.

Thanks again!

All the best,
Sally Kaitz, Framingham, MA, USA

We can only recommend this service! We thoroughly enjoyed the sightseeing tour and David's background information made us understand more about seville than any usual sightseeing. Thank you for the great tapa tour - we loved it! We also appreciate your recommendations and certainly your help. We now have a friend in seville! and will certainly go back again. What a lovely place and what a great service!
Sabine Zurmuehlen, Ahrensburg, Germany

Hola David
Muchas gracias a vosotros. Ha sido fantástico y todo el grupo ha quedado muy contento, a pesar de lo difícil que es que todos estemos de acuerdo en algo :o)
Enhorabuena por el trabajo que estáis haciendo y os deseo todo el éxito. Espero de verdad poder trabajar con vosotros de nuevo.

Mónica García López, Hewlett Packard, Madrid, Spain

Hi David,
Thanks for you email,and to thank you for the most enjoyable tour and tapas evening that we spent with you last week end,your knowledge of the hidden places no ordinary tourist to the city would visit or even know existed was a pleasure that will be with us for ever,I would recommend that anyone thinking of visiting the area should get in touch with you,we even found and re visited a tapas bar on the following night,and again enjoyed the excellent food.
Thanks again and good luck with the venture,
Kind regards,
Trevor and Beryl, Abergely, Wales

Carol and I really enjoyed your tours and your company and will recommend you unreservedly to our friends. No-one we know is plannig to visit Seville just yet but I thought I heard you mention other cities. If that is the case, please let me know.
Mike Jones, Warrington, Cheshire, England

We had a great time in Seville - thank you for giving us the "tour". We made it back to the Royal Palace - fantastic building and spent our last day walking the park. Barcelona is a big bustling city - too much to take in in just a few days - and it rained nearly every day. It does have some fantastic buildings of course - the Gaudi stuff and cathedrall - but also the museums etc. Personally, I preferred the size and history of Seville.
Anyway - it was good mom and daughter time spent together and now we are back home - looking at lots of photos.
Thanks again - meeting you and your sister made the visit that much more special -
Best regards,
Michele Harris, Closter, New Jersey, USA

We enjoyed it as well and you and Luis were very knowlegable and
helpful. The rest of the trip was good, but we would have done better
with a guide in Toledo as well - there wasn't even a group walking tour
in English that we could find. Seville turned out to be our favorite
place, between you and the orange blossoms! Hopefully we will be back.
Amy Bernstein, Oak Park, USA

We had a great time in Seville. Kicking off our trip with tapas and the
walking tour the next day was perfect! We had fun.
Keri Livingstone, Bellevue, Washington, USA

Hello David! I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you so much for the wonderful Tapas Tour in Seville! It was certainly our highlight of the city! Your personal touch was sincere and really made the evening memorable. We could tell it is a city you love and we got to experience the true Seville thanks to you. You were such a joy to be with and we had such a great time meeting the couple from Germany as well as your sister Janet was just a pleasure! Hopefully her trip home was easier than her than her journey to Seville! Thanks again for everything...
Charity Keefer, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina, USA

Your tour was wonderful, sort of wish we'd had it at the beginning of our trip, but we learned a lot that we never would have without you.
We took your suggestion and went to Cerviceria Giraldo and loved it - though the anchovies weren't really to our liking (we tried it though) - almost had an international incident over seating - very crowded. We then went to the Aclcazar (which we probably wouldn't have without your recommendation.) We liked it even better than the Alhambra - the gardens are amazing.
It was so fun meeting you - would love to meet up for that drink some day - this was definitely not our last trip to Spain - David has it in his head that we will retire there, so we have much exploring to do. And if you ever come out this way, drop us a line.
Your website looks great - looking forward to your newsletters -
Thanks again - Kathy (and David) Brent, Chandler, Arizona, USA

Well I made it back to the States ok. Had a great time in Madrid, Toledo and Paris. Thank you for the personalized tour and the history lesson. That was well worth the trip itself.I have enjoyed showing everyone the pictures and telling them of El Rinconcillo. What an experience!
Kent Redgrave, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


We had a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed your company. They really
enjoyed seeing parts of Seville that you can't read in a tour book. I am
very pleased and will be happy to tell others about our experience.
Victoria de Toledo, Stamford, CT, USA

We were really satisfied with the walk with Luis and we saw more things we were expecting to. If you have something to ask or you have more precise questions I would be pleased to answere you via e-mail.
Jukka Harajärvi, Iceland

Yo disfruté muchísimo de nuestros paseos y de la compañía, fue un grupo re
lindo y tus comentarios por demás de interesantes.
María Amalia Maronna, Rosario, Argentina

Just a line to thank you for the time and effort you put in for us. You took
into account the fact that I have very restricted walking when arranging us
with accomodation and sites to vist.
You are professional, charming and informative. Your brought Seville to us,
thank you
Philip & Sandra Lyons, Reigate, Surrey

"Hi David,

My wife, Carolyn, and I and Hank and Gail Ulrich really enjoyed our couple of days with you and Luis Salas in Sevilla recently.

Thanks to you and Luis for making our brief visit there so enjoyable.

We enjoyed the camaraderie with you two, especially the time we shared together at the Eslava tapas bar and the other tapas bar whose name I can't recall at the moment The tour of the old city was interesting and very informative.

Take care and give our many thanks to Luis. I would like to thank him personally, but I don't have his email address. If you could provide that to me I would love to send him a personal note. Thanks.

Maybe we will see you again there or here."

Ron and Carolyn Redman, Alexandria, VA, U.S.A.

"Thanks for taking us around, we really enjoyed it. Please do add us to your mailing list and I can pass it onto friends."

Mrs L Taylor, Manchester, England

"Dear David
We are both back safe and sound. Thoroughly enjoyed our tour - I gave your card to the young lady in reception - had a late lunch and window shopped last night. Do hope
the project goes well and we'll maybe be back next year though I would love
to see Granada. Many thanks regards Liz and Susannah"

Mrs E Richards, Cheshire, England

"I would be delighted to appear on your Web site as I genuinely feel that you
offer a truly unique service and one that many tourists will thoroughly enjoy
and will wish to recommend to others. Your relaxed way of handling people is
very refreshing.

The recommendation of restaurants and the interesting tapas places you have
found makes a huge difference as it rounds off everything into a much better
personal relationship. To the client they not only get a very different view of
the city but also an excellent meal at a very reasonable price.

As I said on our night out, one of the most frustrating parts of a holiday is
that you spend two weeks in a place and half way through the second week you
find either a great area or restaurant that you only wished you had discovered
on the first. Such a waste of time.

Really pleased to here that business is building up and rest assured if I have
any opportunity to recommend your services to anyone going out to Saville I will
do so."

Mr S Brown, London, England

Hi David,
Well, we’re back home and getting back into the swing of things. I go back to work on Monday. We had such a great time with you and Luis for the day. Can’t wait to come back and do another tour. Next time, we’ll come with our kids I hope. Right now we’re planning on Holy Week 2008. I’ll keep you posted.

Jon Ailetcher, Los Angeles, California, USA

Dear David,

I got home last night and am updating my blog so thought I'd drop you
a line. I put a recommendation for you on my blog if you want to check
it out.

I wanted to recommend you to my travel agent. Would that be OK?

I hope all is well with you,

Becky, Flagstaff Arizona, USA

Hola David.

Gracias y si el viaje resulto placentero.

Para todos nosotros fue tabien una gran alegria que nos acompañarais por
vuestra maravillosa ciudad, un gran recuerdo

Saludos para ti y Luis.

Miquel Lloveras, Barcelona, Spain

Dear David,

back in Brazil, I would like to thank you for your role in introducing me
to the wonders of Flamenco music during my stay in Seville. I must say
that those two nights were the highlights of my trip, particularly as we
got to to experience Flamenco off-the-beaten-track. Your effusive
personality, and passion for and deep knowledge of Spanish culture made
all the difference. I would love to have a David Cox in every foreign
city in the world I ever visit!

The persons in our group were all very nice and kind. I also liked Paco
and his friends a lot! Those days were unforgettable. Once again, thank
you so much!

Best regards,

Denise Filippo, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Hola David!! Muchas gracias por tu mensaje e interés. Sí, algo leí en internet sobre las azucenas a la vuelta de Sevilla, pero me ha alegrado tu correo. Aprovecho para desearte Felices Fiestas, un Próspero Año Nuevo!!! (también a Laura) y mucha suerte con vuestro proyecto en el que no me cabe duda tendreis mucho éxito.

Un saludo de María (Valencia)

We arrived safe & sound last night with happy memories of our trip to Seville - many thanks to you ! Look forward to receiving your Newsletter from time to time .Wishing you a Very Successful New Year with your "REALLY DISCOVER" venture - you REALLY DESERVE it !

Best wishes & thanks again.

Frank & Ann Carroll, Reigate, Surrey, England

Hello David,

We wanted you to know that we had the best time! The boys thought you were the best guide we have ever had, ofcourse you are the only guide that made drinking a part of the itinerary(heh!heh!), perfect for the college boy way of thinking. So ofcourse Don and I were happy that the boys were enjoying themselves. When they reach this age it is hard to find things that we all like, I think you did a perfect job of balancing us and the boys!

Hopefully we will find another reason to trip on down to Seville and see you again.

I have attached a picture for you to remember the crazy American family you were lucky enough to spend time with (heh!heh!)

Take care and I hope you have gotten a new bike.

Happy New Year,
Melissa Cosgrove, Brussels, Belgium

Hi David,

Hope you had a good rest after the Christmas rush ! We really enjoyed your "Really Discover" experience & your good company .

I promised I would send you a copy of Riverdance DVD & was about to send it when I realised I did not have your address ! Please send & I will post it off to you by return.

Ann sends her best regards.
Mr F Carroll, Sligo, Ireland

Thanks, David, I would appreciate your adding me to your e-mail list. We
actually just arrived back in Seville for my flight London in the AM and then
back to the US in several days. We enjoyed Seville and our tour very much and
are looking forward to a few days in London. If you have any off-the-beaten
track suggestions in London, any would be appreciated. Yes, the people at the
Alminar were very nice/helpful. Will look forward to your e-mails.

Alan Cole, Boston, USA

"Thanks for your e-mail, it was nice to here from you.yes we really enjoyed
our morning with you,and learnt and saw more of Seville than we would have
on our own.

Hope your business continues to do well and if we revisit Seviile, which I
would very much like, I hope we can catch up"

J Gilbert, Tyneside, England